Checklist: Digitalization for Manufacturing Companies

12 Building Blocks for a Successful Digital Transformation of Production

Where Does Your Company Stand in the Digital Transformation? Do the Check!


If German medium-sized-companies want to avert the threat of deindustrialization, the digitization of production must succeed. Whether manufacturing companies remain competitive in global competition and tap new potential for growth is decided in three central fields of action:

  • DIGITAL BACKBONE - for a reliable basis
  • OPERATIONS PLATFORM - for optimized processes
  • CONNECTED ECOSYSTEM - for new growth

The challenge: With the Digital Transformation, manufacturing companies are building on machine parks and legacy IT systems that have grown over decades. Therefore, the roadmap towards Industry 4.0 is not a "sweeping blow" but a successive process with modularly combined building blocks. To determine the route of your digitization journey, you need to know your current location.

In This Checklist You Will Find Out

whether you have all fields of action on the radar
which building blocks are relevant in each transformation phase
where you can start to improve your digital maturity

12 Building Blocks for a Successful Digital Transformation of Production


Digitalization is the prerequisite for competitiveness and growth and includes many building blocks. Which are relevant for your company - where is your company already well positioned, and where does it need to catch up?

Digitalization Journey for Manufacturing Companies - 3 Essential Steps to Success

Choose a modular approach to Digital Transformation that fits your company's situation, solves acute pain points, and prepares for a digital future simultaneously.

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