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Online Marketing & E-Commerce After The End Of Cookies

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How To Prepare Your Online Marketing For The End Of Cookies

For a long time, e-commerce and online marketing were based on the notorious third-party cookies. They are now threatened with extinction - the reason is data protection. What are the reasons behind this and what can you do? This whitepaper provides the answers - download it now!

The Whitepaper „Cookiecalypse“ Informs You

about the history of cookies
about the types of cookies
why third party cookies are "the bad guys
about the reasons for the end of these cookies
your alternatives for the time after

Third Party Cookies

Building and maintaining customer relationships in online marketing and e-commerce depends on cookies. There are "good cookies", but also "bad cookies", the third party cookies.

What do Third Party Cookies do?

This species of cookies enables the observation of people's behavior on the Internet across many websites. This compromises privacy and causes disagreements with data protection.

The end for third party cookies

That is why the General Data Protection Regulation ­(GDPR) has also ­dealt intensively with these issues. It has heralded the ­end of third-party cookies. The final end means Google's announcement that it will no longer support them in the Chrome browser starting in 2022.

The end of online marketing

The end of third-party cookies means the end of online marketing and e-commerce as we know it. Retargeting and analysis of the customer journey will hardly work any more, and personalized addressing of Internet users will be equally impossible.

CRM Retargeting is an alternative

Various technologies offer themselves as alternatives - but either they themselves are already under criticism or they have not yet gained widespread acceptance. CRM retargeting can be used in the same way to address existing customers on an ongoing basis. It is based on existing data. You can use this data in a legally compliant way to increase the conversion rate in your sales funnel. An omnichannel CRM system is an important tool for this.

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