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SAP – The High-Performance Platform for the Digitalization of All Your Business Processes

Are you looking to drive the digitalization of the business processes at your company and optimize the flow of information between departments? Then the world of SAP, with its broad range of high-performance solutions for countless different business divisions, is an excellent choice. The seamless combination of solutions streamlines business processes, minimizes the need for coordination between departments, and closes gaps in digitalization. This generates significant cost savings across your entire value chain and maximizes the transparency of your business processes.

ERP processes with SAP S/4HANA

Sourcing and procurement, logistics and supply chain management, research and development, human resources and finance – S/4HANA is SAP’s comprehensive ERP system for your company’s everyday processes.

Customer communication with SAP C/4HANA

In today’s digital world, sales and marketing have become increasingly important; changing customer behavior has also made them more complex. SAP has recognized this fact; with C/4HANA, it offers its own suite of solutions that make it possible to communicate with customers via a range of modern communication channels.

Our SAP Solutions for Retail & Consumer Goods

How You Benefit

Integration of operational processes and customer communication
Existing digitalization gaps will be closed
Highest degree of efficiency in operational processes
360-degree view of customers improves potential for sales
Better use of business opportunities


SAP S/4HANA at amor

amor Relies on Future-oriented SAP Technologies


Successful implementation of a central sales platform with SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management.

SAP S/4HANA at Lekkerland

Into the digital future with Arvato Systems

E-Commerce of Dangerous Goods with Sap Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud Optimizes Westfalen’s Cylinder and Liquefied Gas Sales Processes

SAP Topics on Our Blog

SAP Group Reporting Re-Visited

SAP Group Reporting rethought - After almost two decades, German market leader SAP launched a new platform for end-to-end financial processes. Find out what this solution can do and for whom it is interesting in our blog article.

Crunch Time for Financial Reporting?

New technologies and data-driven processes are not stopping at the finance function and are increasingly challenging CFOs and their organizations. Experts see a crunch time: The finance function can establish itself as a decision driver or fall back as a number manager.

SAP LBN: Global Track & Trace and Material Traceability

Knowing in real time where their goods are and when is at least as important for many companies as knowing exactly where the raw materials for their products come from. With the Global Track & Trace and Material Traceability options, SAP LBN aims to provide this transparency.

SAP Rise - A Comparison of the Different Operating Models

The paths to the cloud with SAP S/4HANA are becoming increasingly diverse. Not least the recent launch of the RISE with SAP initiative opens up new approaches. This blog post is intended to provide a little information about the different operating models.

SAP Logistics Business Network (SAP LBN)

With the help of SAP LBN, various business partners along the supply chain are to be connected even better and more efficiently in the future. In this blog post, we explain whether and how this can be achieved.

What Does the New SAP Initiative Mean for the ERP Digitization Strategy?

Many customers and partners are currently involved in SAP's RISE initiative. This blog article provides an overview of how and on which levels Arvato Systems is dealing with RISE as a business partner of SAP but also in its customer role (Bertelsmann).