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13. February 2020

Arvato Systems Officially Listed as a Partner of CRPT

Digital Marking and Tracking of Goods in Russia

  • A partnership between Arvato Systems and the Russian Center for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT) has become official.
  • As an integration, software, and tested solution partner, Arvato Systems develops customized interfaces that companies can use to connect their systems to the Russian MDLP system.

Gütersloh, Germany – Arvato Systems has been officially named as integration, software, and tested solution partner for the Russian Center for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT). The international IT service provider has been collaborating with the CRPT organization for about a year and a half. Arvato Systems was recently added to the CRPT website as a partner. The CRPT serves as the operator for the Russian Monitoring Dvijenia Lekartsvennikh Preparatov System (MDLP).

Connecting different systems in line with requirements
As an integration, software, and tested solution partner, Arvato Systems develops needs-based interfaces that companies can use to connect their own ERP, supplier, verification, and many more systems to the MDLP system. The Arvato Corporate Serialization Database (Arvato CSDB) and the modular Arvato Track & Trace solution, which maps internal interfaces to production sites and packaging lines, serve as the technological basis. The focus here lies on the customer target groups of contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) and marketing authorization holders (MAHs).

Interfaces are highly complex

Companies that want to become active on the Russian market have to meet a range of prerequisites. For example, they need to be able to record a variety of data, transfer this to the Russian MDLP system via complex interfaces, and receive a high volume of information from there. “That’s why the interfaces are so important,” explains Carl-Rainer Stetter, Head of Sales and Business Development Healthcare at Arvato Systems. “The quality of the transmitted data and the speed of data processing and transfer are also crucial.” Joint tests with CRPT have gone to show that the interfaces and MDLP system interact perfectly. “This was also confirmed by our clients in the course of a test camp we carried out together,” adds Stetter.

Traceability and protection against counterfeit products
The Russian government had a system for digitally labeling goods developed by means of the Markirovka project. This will transparently track all movements of products across the entire value chain to effectively prevent counterfeits. A wide variety of consumer goods are expected to be digitally labelled by 2024 alongside pharmaceutical products. Arvato Systems will also support this key initiative as an implementation and IT expert.

Implementing regulatory changes early on
Thanks to its close collaboration with Arvato Systems, CRPT will be able to learn about regulatory changes at the earliest stage possible and implement them in the system. These prompt adjustments will allow the IT service provider to provide companies with solutions that have been modified accordingly in good time. 

You can find further information on medication serialization in Russia and the corresponding White Paper here.

Arvato Systems officially listed as partner of CRPT

About Arvato Systems

As a globally active IT specialist, Arvato Systems supports renowned companies with digital transformation. Our 2,700+ employees at more than 25 locations around the world have high-level technical skills and industry expertise, and they focus intently on meeting client needs.

In the healthcare segment, Arvato Systems covers the entire end-to-end process chain with its own serialization solutions. These solutions support both individual manufacturing companies and national verification systems. Arvato Systems has been selected as an official service provider by the European Medicines Verification Organization (EMVO). We rely on our own team of serialization experts, who implement numerous projects in the international environment.

We work together as a team to develop innovative IT solutions, take our clients into the cloud, integrate digital processes, and assume responsibility for operating IT systems and providing accompanying support. Together with Arvato, which is part of the Bertelsmann Group, we are also able to map entire value-added chains. We ensure that our business relationships with our clients are both personal and based on a trusting partnership. This allows us to achieve long-term success together.

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