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Webinar | 17 Months Falsified Medicines Directive

Lessons learned & optimization potentials for wholesalers and hospitals

Webinar | 17 months Falsified Medicines Directive - Lessons learned & optimization potentials

Thursday, 25 June 2020, 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

Since the Falsified Medicines Directive came into force on February 9, 2019, the pharmaceutical industry has seen a lot of developments and challenges. The EU Falsified Medicines Directive states that from this date forward prescription drugs may only be put into circulation if their packaging carries an individual serial number. Using this serial number, the identity and authenticity of a drug can be checked, thus preventing counterfeit drugs from entering the legal supply chain.

In our webinar "17 months FMD: Lessons learned & optimization potentials for wholesalers and hospitals", we will look at what has happened in the industry since then together with you, and in doing so we will take a special look at wholesalers and hospitals.

In addition, our cooperation partner, SICK AG, will provide exciting insights into its "Multi Code Reading System", which makes it possible to read packaging in large quantities into the system very conveniently with a single scan. This saves valuable time and simplifies your logistics processes.

Please note: The webinar will be held in English. Arvato Systems reserves the right to refuse registrations, especially from market participants, or to subsequently revoke any confirmation of participation already issued.


The past 17 months in numbers
Arvato Systems field reports from numerous customer projects
Challenges for wholesalers and hospitals
Lessons learned & optimization potentials
The "platbricks Healthcare Suite"
Presentation of the "Multi Code Reading System" from SICK AG
Counterfeit protection with Arvato Systems


Pascal Leppich

Manager Sales & Business Development | Arvato Systems

Robert Teschendorf

Management- & Process Consultant | Arvato Systems

Stefan Lais

Projekt Manager: Pharmaceutical Multi Code Reading System | SICK AG



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MA_Commerce_Pascal Leppich
Pascal Leppich
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