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Azure Governance & Fundamentals Workshop

Benefit from insights around governance, security and connectivity

Azure Governance & Fundamentals Workshop

Thursday, 26 September 2019, 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

In this workshop you will learn how to lay the foundations for successful cloud projects in your company. 

In order to make the most of the benefits of the cloud, important technical foundations must be laid, existing operating procedures adapted and new processes established. The first part of our workshop therefore focuses on governance, security and cost management, which are crucial for the success of the cloud and the digital transformation of your company.

Equipped with these Microsoft Azure Basics, we will dedicate the second part of the day to the added value of Azure technologies and the associated opportunities for your business. Learn how classic IT architectures are mapped in the cloud, what makes hybrid scenarios successful and what opportunities arise from the use of platform services or cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data, Serverless and AI.


Azure Fundamentals - The First Overview of the Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • What does Microsoft Azure offer? 
  • Where is Azure unique? 

Cloud Governance - The Basics to Fully Realize the Potential of the Cloud

  • How do I map organizational structures, processes and control mechanisms in the cloud? 
  • What certifications do the Azure data centers have?
  • What does Microsoft care about, what is my responsibility? 
  • What monitoring tools does Azure offer?  

Cost Management - Manage and Optimize Costs with Azure

  • How will I be supported with my billing in the cloud? 
  • What savings potential does Azure offer? 
  • How can I benefit from my existing environments in Azure?

Cyber Security - Secure in the Public Cloud

  • How are the data centers secured? 
  • What responsibility do I have to be secure in the public cloud?
  • What needs to be done to secure cloud scenarios in conjunction with On Premises infrastructure? 

Infrastructure on Azure - On Premises, Off Premises und Hybrid

  • How are classical IT components (virtual machines, storage, networking) mapped in Azure? 
  • What is the difference between my infrastructure On Premises and Off Premises? 
  • How do hybrid scenarios work with Azure?

Application Modernization - New Opportunities through Platform Services

  • Which platform services can replace old systems by application modernization?
  • What are the new possibilities of using Azure? 

The more fancy stuff - Cutting-Edge Technologies like Serverless, Big Data and AI on Azure

  • How can Azure already support and accelerate upcoming development steps with the right platform and software solutions?

Azure Governance & Fundamentals Workshop

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