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Wherever, together: Production Asset Management with VPMS EditMate

Production Asset Management mit VPMS EditMate - Arvato Systems

Changing working styles and the globalization of the media industry has resulted in a growing need for remote working and collaboration. Crucial to developing fast and efficient workflows is the need for content to be available seamlessly everywhere it’s required, whether kept in the cloud or on-premises.

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So, What’s the Solution?

The EditMate PAM delivers a toolkit for managing and editing projects in a streamlined, intuitive and highly efficient manner – all from within Adobe® Premiere®. From project creation and collecting media, to the export and storage of edited material, users benefit from a series of features designed to simplify the spectrum of tasks involved in a modern, collaborative and cloud-connected editing environment.

Project creation made easy. With EditMate, projects, templates and initial metadata entries are all unified in a single process. Ensuring consistent formatting and conventions are maintained.

For remote editing and workflow, EditMate and Premiere Pro remote users, with a low bandwidth connection and unable to directly access the central storage, can continue their routine workflows via proxy. And when it comes to rendering, EditMate renders the sequences into new clips on the central server without moving the files, rendering all Premiere Pro effects and elements, and completing the publishing process.

Being able to quickly shift and adapt to increasing demands of is one of EditMate’s key features, via ConfigPortal, users are able to edit and modify existing configurations to better suit their needs.

Benefit from Our Experience


EditMate is the reliable production asset management tool you need to work on your content whenever and wherever.


We are the experts – we were the first to market and have continued to innovate with our strong engineering team.


EditMate offers and enables seamless and effective collaboration with both Adobe Premiere Pro, your content and your team.

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