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Scalable IT Platforms in the Energy Industry

Making IT as agile as the energy market is 

IT Platforms in the Energy Industry
Digital Transformation

Digitization, new business models and higher process volumes are turning the energy industry upside down. IT systems will therefore have to become radically more flexible. Scalable IT platforms with maximum mobility and maximum cost efficiency do just that for the energy market of the future. 

Increasingly decentralized structures, real-time market speed, exponential increases in data volume and technological quantum leaps every minute: for energy suppliers, competitive and cost pressures have also been increasing for some time, and the demands on IT architectures are thus becoming ever more complex. The energy transition ushered in the era of the agile energy market, where change and ongoing new requirements became the norm in terms of processes and technology. Many energy supply companies are therefore on the lookout for new suitable concepts and the associated IT solutions.

Challenges of the Energy Industry

Growing competitive pressure from price transparency and new players forces efficiency and process automation
New, smart service offerings from competitors in the energy supply company market require their own innovations - from neighborhood electricity to e-shops to virtual electricity storage systems
The energy transition is changing the energy system and market processes with decarbonization, supply dependency, and decentralization - a cellular system is emerging
Digitization, including smart metering, is accelerating the process of change, enabling new business models, and opening up opportunities for process optimization
Sector coupling links mobility and heat supply with the power system - with serious effects on distribution networks and process landscapes
New living concepts are emerging in smart districts, requiring intelligent, cross-sector management of a wide range of services.
Climate protection and carbon footprint are becoming a strategic factor for companies in all industries
More and more measurement data and status information must be automatically collected, processed, evaluated, and billed

Cloud-Based IT Platforms as a Scalable Solution

For the fragmented energy market with more and more market participants and new, digital business models, utilities need a completely new way of thinking. The basic tenor of the industry here is: Only with reliable partners and a new type of information technology can the course be set for smooth digitization in the energy industry. This is because in the rarest of cases, energy supply companies have the necessary know-how and resources to familiarize themselves with the subject matter in the long term and to drive forward the corresponding innovations.

The means of first choice with a promising approach here are modular, cloud-based platform solutions with different characteristics, tailored to the respective market roles. In addition to core IT functions and energy-specific basic functions, such IT platforms should cover all essential role-specific tasks - and do so in compliance with all regulatory and statutory framework conditions. From this, utilities can flexibly serve themselves according to their market role  and their specific needs, adapt solutions by configuration or even have them newly developed - as opposed to having to take care of everything themselves, as has been the case in the past, or buying complete solutions that do not fit very well.

This helps energy suppliers to focus on their core business. At the same time, it is possible to introduce new digital business models and products that they would not be able to realize so quickly on their own.

As an energy supply company, do you want to meet the challenges of the industry and advancing digitalization? Arvato Systems offers competitive and efficient IT platform solutions and, in particular, its own Arvato Energy Platform® , which can map all energy market-specific processes - without installation or implementation project.

The Arvato Energy Platform® as a Flexible Platform

With the Arvato Energy Platform® (AEP for short), Arvato Systems offers a competitive and efficient IT platform solution that can map all energy market-specific processes. The AEP provides (almost) all market roles with the required function modules intelligently and individually usable as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the cloud.

Arvato Energy Platform®: Flexible IT platform for the digital energy industry

Arvato Systems' cloud-based IT platform for the future of the energy industry.

Communication data exchange in the energy sector

Contact information is the basis of all business communication. Until now, the exchange of this information has been subject to few specifications for energy supply companies and, in case of doubt, is associated with manual effort. The new EDIFACT message format PARTIN structures and automates the processes.

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Written by

Uwe Wortmann
Marketing Consultant