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Tap the Potential of the Public Cloud With AWS

Integration and migration expertise in Amazon Web Services

We Drive Your Digital Transformation

Amazon Web Services' cloud platform is a versatile business platform and engine for digital transformation. Anyone who understands and uses the AWS Cloud as a pure data center leaves the significant added value of the cloud unused. 

We can help you to exploit the full potential of the AWS Cloud. We support not only migrating and running of enterprise IT workloads on the cloud, but also leverage intelligent cloud technologies to implement digital businesses and contunually optimizing these following a modern DevOps operating model. 

Faster, more reliable and business relevant

The requirements for IT projects have become increasingly demanding in recent years. Companies must deliver reliable and business-relevant results with their IT projects at ever shorter intervals. Arvato Systems supports companies in mapping the requirements of digital projects to AWS services and technoligies and implementing them using a modern highly itterative delivery and operations model.

Core Pillars

AWS Starter

We’ll get you started with the AWS Cloud

  • Cloud discovery workshop
  • Proof of concepts
  • Landing zone
  • Agile governance

AWS Migration

We’ll help you migrate to the AWS Cloud.

  • Road map and planning
  • Project management
  • Future cloud operation model

AWS Optimization

We’ll help you optimize your AWS Cloud.

  • Architecture review
  • DevOps operating model
  • Automation
  • Cloud native development

Innovations on AWS

We’ll help you innovate your AWS Cloud.

  • Creativity workshops
  • Proof of concepts
  • Hackathons
  • Showcases
  • DevOps feature teams

Managed Services

We’ll take care of your AWS Cloud.

  • Agile governance
  • Arvato Systems AWS support
  • Managed applications
  • DevOps feature teams

Our Solutions

  • Backup in the AWS Cloud

    Data is among a company’s most important assets. IT has to ensure that large volumes of data can be stored simply and securely while remaining permanently available and easy to access.

    Is backing up and archiving data costing your company time and money? It doesn’t have to be that way: Cloud computing can help! It’s an efficient storage solution that automatically, permanently, and reliably backs up your data and flexibly adapts to your capacity requirements. That means you’ll spend less time managing your data backups, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

  • DevOps in the AWS Cloud

    IT is becoming more agile all the time, and traditional development processes can no longer keep pace. Companies have to respond to new customer demands quickly, flexibly, and with high-quality products and services. Automation is a primary aspect of a DevOps-focused approach. It starts with infrastructure, which is defined by code (infrastructure as code), and continues on to a fully automated build and deployment pipeline.
    Modernize your IT processes and profitably integrate development and IT operation to

    • increase development cycles and the frequency of software deliveries.
    • reduce processing times and mean time to repair (MTTR).
    • improve the quality of your developments and decrease error rates.
  • SAP in der AWS Cloud

    There are many scenarios for which companies invest a great deal in SAP resources, but ultimately, these resources are only used occasionally and in specific situations. We recommend taking the clever approach and not wasting resources. We’ll help you with the transition.

  • Proof of Concepts

    There are many scenarios for which companies invest a great deal in SAP resources, but ultimately, these resources are only used occasionally and in specific situations. We recommend taking the clever approach and not wasting resources. We’ll help you with the transition.

    The AWS Cloud offers a broad range of opportunities. It’s easy to get overwhelmed! A proof of concept (PoC) is a quick and low-risk way to familiarize yourself with the AWS platform and discover the potential of the cloud through learning by doing. A proof of concept also offers a further range of important benefits: Not only does it allow you to reliably validate critical requirements of technical applications and software, it also facilitates functional and acceptance testing of products or services with manufacturers, business partners, and customers. A PoC also helps you detect potential investment risks at an early stage. In that sense, we recommend carrying out a proof of concept in every case – it creates a reliable, secure foundation for any cloud project.

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Our Expert Teams for Your AWS Projects

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Our employees are technologists with innovative and creative ideas who enjoy solving challenging problems and implementing sustainable digital solutions.

Our solution architects know exactly which framework fits best, which AWS service is best suited for the specific requirement, or which weaknesses and pitfalls these technologies have - not from theory, but from experience and daily practice.

The passion for new technologies on the AWS business platform unites our employees. We put together carefully selected expert teams for our customers - with know-how and skills for migrations, cloud native software development, DevOps as well as big data and machine learning.

Advanced Consulting Partner

Arvato Systems is a member of the AWS Partner Network and the AWS Advanced Consulting Partner for your projects.

AWS 50 Certified

Rely on our certified expertise for your project success.

Your Contact for Amazon Web Services

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