Looking for a replacement of Google DSM/XSM?

It's time for better digital advertising sales management with BMS AdStore

BMS AdStore Replaces Doubleclick Sales Manager - to Build Better Products and Drive Cross Media Sales

Googles’ digital order management system XSM, formerly and still widely referred to as DSM (DoubleClick Sales Manager) is end of life by July 2019. BMS AdStore from Arvato Systems is the ideal next generation solution to replace and enhance your Google digital order management.

Go beyond digital sales with AdStore

Unlike the digital-only alternatives, AdStore was designed from the ground-up with a holistic cross media approach.

10 reasons that make AdStore the best-in-class alternative for DSM/XSM

Real-time access to Google DFP  
Product import from DFP to build your own products, product catalogue and packages
Linear TV, VoD, IPTV, radio and other media can be added to your digital campaign
Cross-Media targeting options
AdStore operates inside but also as a standalone solution in the cloud
Manage live inventory, discounts, rates, individual contract incentives and conditions
Powerful configurable calculation schemes
Track and optimize your campaign “on-the-fly”
Automates invoicing for all media types and campaigns
BYOS by AdStore’s open API
access to Google DFP
Operating inside Salesforce or standalone in the cloud
by open API

Don’t wait too long to plan your DSM transition. Make the most of the opportunity now and call us at +49 221 28555 500 for more info or fill in the contact form.


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